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What new home buyers and realtors should know about new construction home inspection

One of the most common mistakes that many first time home buyers make is to skip the new construction home inspection. Buying a newly built home provides exhilarating and adventurous new options that may not be available to you when purchasing an existing home. With this, also comes with additional challenges.

You may think that you will not need a new construction home inspection. But having an inspection is not just for finding defects, it also gives you an opportunity to learn about your property. As with any residential real estate transaction, it's important to know the current state and all defects that may exist before you signed the dotted line.

New Home Problems vs Older Homes: 

Home inspections for older homes consist of recommendations, life expectancies for various systems, and components, and minor imperfections.The most common issues that are flagged in conducting an inspection for older homes  will fall into four categories:

Major defects.  An example of this would b…