The Value of having a home inspection for buyer & sellers working with a realtor

Many people who thought that buying the home they wanted was simply out of their reach are now enjoying a new lifestyle in their very own homes. Buying a home is the smartest financial decision you will ever make.Of course, there are peaks and valleys, but the long-term trend is a consistent increase.  
Even if you have little money for a down payment or credit problems, chances are that you can still buy that new home. It just comes down to knowing the right strategies, and working with the right people.   
Hire A Buyer’s Agent To Represent You

For obvious reasons, buying property is a complex and stressful transaction. In many cases, it is the biggest, single investment you will make in your lifetime.Over time, real estate transactions have become increasingly complicated.Due to new technology, laws, procedures, and competition from other buyers driving agents to perform at an ever-expanding level of competence, professionalism and industry expertise.

It’s important now than ever to make the right decisions to avoid costly mistakes. Making the wrong decisions can end up costing you thousands of dollars. Work with an experienced buyer's agent who understands the real estate business in your local market.By working with a buyer’s agent you can find the best home, lender and home inspector in your area. A buyer’s agent have a fiduciary duty to you.Which means that your buyer’s agent is obligated to look out for your best interests, find the best home, the best lender, and the best home inspector in your area.  

Hire An InterNACHI-certified home inspector:
InterNACHI inspectors are the most qualified and best- trained inspector in the world.
InterNACHI-certified inspectors perform the best inspections, by far.  Buying a home will probably be the most expensive decision you will ever make.So trying to buy a home without an agent or an experienced inspector is unthinkable.

The cost of hiring a certified NACHI is insignificant in comparison to the costly mistake that may transpire by not hiring one at all. Work with the best agent and home inspector in your local market.

As a consumer, you should take the time to examine the Standards of Practice followed by your inspector. Standards of Practice are designed to identify both the requirements of a home inspection and the limitations of an inspection.Home inspectors are not experts in every system of the home  but are trained to recognize conditions that require a specialist inspection. Home inspections are not technically exhaustive, so the inspector will not disassemble a furnace to examine the heat exchanger closely, for example.

Regardless whether you are buying or selling your home hire a certified home inspector. S&J Home Inspections is a full-service customer service driven company that strives to meet your home inspection needs. Inspection reports are computer generated with color photos and are issued the same day as the inspection. You are considered a client for life and questions are always welcomed. S&J Home Inspector, Tim Rupon is a NACHI certified home inspector with nine years of experience in the residential inspection industry. Give S& J Home Inspections a call today for all your residential inspection needs. Get a peace of mind, get a home inspection today.