What Should Be Your Expectation Of A Pre-Listing Home Inspection

So you have decided that your house should be put up for sale and being the smart person you are, you know that it is important to carry out a residential home inspection before listing it up for grabs.  

A pre-listing home inspection uncovers potential surprises that could derail your sale. If you are ready to sell your home and want to ensure that the sale process will go smoothly, you may want to consider having a pre-listing inspection from an experienced inter-NACHI certified inspector.

As a consumer, you should take a moment to evaluate the Standards of Practice followed by your inspector. It is recommended that your inspector is affiliated with a professional inspection organization, and if the reports follow no particular standards, find another inspector.  If your inspector is a member of InterNACHI, then you can trust that he is among the elite and the highest trained in the industry. Most of your inspection will be related to maintenance recommendations and minor imperfections or defects.
  1. Major defects, such as a structural failure;
  2. Conditions that can lead to major defects, such as a roof leak;
  3. Issues that may hinder your ability to finance, legally occupy, or insure the home if not rectified immediately;
  4. Safety hazards, such as an exposed, live buss bar at the electrical panel.

A pre-listing inspection, which is paid for by the seller or listing agent, provides written documentation as to the pre-sale condition of the property. Having a home inspection at the beginning of the sales process, you are able to shorten the length of the process by dealing with any obstacles immediately before they can interfere or derail a potential sale.

Which also allows for any major repairs to be addressed beforehand. Performing repairs ahead of time can be a more cost-effective option versus a buyer’s own licensed contractor to do the work. Pre-listing inspections are beneficial to all parties involved, and they are quickly gaining in popularity. Here are six benefits of having a pre-listing performed by an experienced, NACHI certified home inspector.

What are the benefits of a having a pre-listing home inspection?

1.) There is ample time to make decisions. Sellers can work with the selling agent to pinpoint the  most critical issues to work on to improve the home’s appearance and condition. Pre-listing inspection  allows more time to make repairs and compare bids on the necessary improvements and ultimately providing full-disclosure to potential buyers.

2.) Options. Choose your contractors wisely, select who you want to perform the inspection and assist in providing maintenance, supply dates of improvements and explanations for current conditions.

4.) Accurate pricing. A pre-listing home inspection helps the agent set the seller's price expectation and can be used to negotiate a higher asking price.

5.) No surprises. Agents will have fewer issues to negotiate. Having a pre-listing inspection can help alleviate the stress associated with buying or selling your home.

6) Full Disclosure & Buyer’s Benefits:  Pre-listing inspection is beneficial to all parties involved. The buyer’s benefit is that they are receiving a third-party review of the condition of the property before making an offer.
A pre-listing inspection will give you enough time to make informed decisions, unlike when the inspection is done after a buyer has already placed an offer. So take your time, find a NACHI certified home inspector.

If you are ready to place your home on the market, contact S&J Home Inspections to request a pre-listing inspection. S&J Home Inspector, Tim Rupon is a NACHI certified home inspector with nine years of experience in the residential inspection industry.

S&J Home Inspector, Tim Rupon is a NACHI certified home inspector with nine years of experience in the residential inspection industry. Give S& J Home Inspections a call today for all your residential inspection needs. Get a peace of mind, get a home inspection today.