How To Get The Most Out of Your Pre-listing Home Inspection

As the seller in a real estate transaction, you are probably thinking there is no need to have a pre-listing home inspection if the buyer is just going to get their own. Although, sellers and their agents are required to disclose to buyers any issues with the property. A pre-listing can be a valuable asset to the seller and allow for a much smoother transaction for all parties involved.

Winning With Seller Pre-listing Home Inspections

When sellers have a home inspection up front, they can identify any major issues that can eventually derail a sale at closing. Which gives them ample enough time to conduct repairs ahead of time, which can be more cost-effective than having to pay a buyer’s own licensed contractor to carry out the repairs. The value to the seller with a pre-listing home inspection is that is aware of any issues with the home in advance of the negotiation process, allowing more time and resources to resolve the issues with the property or simply factor it into the asking price.

If a seller has no intentions of making repairs, why get a pre-listing inspection?

Having a home inspection whether you are the buyer or the seller is beneficial to both parties. It’s always better to know as soon as possible about any major issues with the property. Often times, sellers assume that they will have to fix everything before placing the property on the market.With a seller’s pre-listing inspection, sellers can work with their real estate professional to determine and prioritize which repairs are necessary for a viable sale of the property.Having a pre-listing gives the buyer more facts to work with, reinforce your asking price and provide insight and clarity on any issues with the property that have been or will be resolved. Which ultimately allows the seller to factor in the considerations of the property issues into the sales price.

The best part of having a pre-listing Inspection

The most valuable aspect of the seller’s pre-listing inspection is that it streamlines the real estate sale process and gives peace of mind for everyone involved. Seller’s pre-listing inspections can potentially shorten the length of the process by dealing with any obstacles immediately before they can interfere or derail a potential sale. Seller pre-listing inspection is a win-win-win-win- situation for everyone involved.Have questions about seller pre-listing inspections? Tim Rupon from S&J Home Inspections offers seller pre-listing home inspection services. For more information, contact us or request a home inspection quote today!