How Much Does A Home Inspection Cost?

Buying a home will probably be one of the most expensive purchases you’ll ever make. Homeownership comes with great responsibility and is a joyful experience. One of the most commonly asked questions from buyers and sellers is “ How much will a home inspection cost?”

The cost of a home inspection is almost insignificant and relatively small in comparison to the value of the home that is being inspected. However, the cost of hiring an InterNACHI- Certified Professional Inspector is invaluable.

InterNACHI Certified Professionals not only inspect the home, but they also serve as a viable resource to learn more about the current condition of the property, share maintenance tips, useful information on how to take care of the with maintenance recommendations.

The information that you will gain from having a home inspection will allow you to help protect your investment and keep your property in top condition for years to come.

How Much Will A Home Inspection Cost?

The general price range of a home inspection can vary anywhere from $300-$500.The fee of having a home inspection is invaluable in comparison to the cost of not having one at all.

InterNACHI Certified Home Inspectors are the best in the
industry and here’s why:

  • Inspectors that are members have to pass InterNACHI Inspector Examination.
  • They also have to complete InterNACHI’s  Code of Ethics Course and Standards of Practice course.
  • Members are required to submit a signed Membership Affidavit
  • Inspector that are members  have to substantially adhere to InterNACHI Standards of Practice; Abide by InterNACHI’s Code of Ethics
  • They are required to submit four mock inspections reports to InterNACHI’s Report Review Committee before performing their first paid home inspection for a client if the candidate has never performed a free-paid home inspection previously;

  • Within the first year of membership, have to successfully pass numerous, accredited and self-paced courses and exams.
  • Have to maintain their online continuing education per InterNACHI’s rigorous continuing education policy.
  • Have access to InterNACHI’s time-tested Inspection Agreement, which keeps them and you away from lawsuits;
  • InterNACHI Inspector professionals have to carry E&O Insurance ( if their state require it)

  • They have access to a  real estate agent Hold-Harmless Clause; and have access to many other benefits, training, and information to help themselves, as well as consumers and real estate professionals, provided for free by the world’s largest inspector association.

In conclusion,  the cost of having a home inspection can range anywhere from $300-$500.The cost is insignificant to the cost of not having a home inspection at all.Make sure that your home inspector is an  InterNACHI certified home inspector. Due to the fact that, licensing of your home inspector is simply a minimum standard.You deserve the best, so next time you need a home inspector or need to refer your clients to one, make sure that they’re a member of InterNACHI. Contact S&J Home Inspections for all your home inspection needs. RBI: #2627