6 Home Maintenance Tips For Summer That You Should Know About

From cleaning out your gutters to changing your HVAC air filters. Here are some essential tips from S&J Home Inspection to keep your home’s systems in tip-top shape during the dog days of summer.

HVAC System:

Change your HVAC air filters regularly and get your system serviced on an annual basis. Your HVAC technician should evaluate and service your unit once a year. You should aim to change your filter at least every three months, but possibly more often.

Change the filter immediately if:
  • The filter is damaged. Whether it happened inside the packaging or while being installed, a damaged filter that has bent fins collapsed cells or holes will not work as well as an undamaged filter, especially if it allows system air to bypass the filter at any point.

  • If the filter is damp. A filter affected by moisture intrusion, system condensation, or even high indoor humidity can quickly become moldy and spread airborne mold spores throughout the home via the ventilation system.

  • There is evidence of microbial growth or mold on the filter. Mold spores already infiltrating the home via the HVAC system are not only bad for the system itself, but they can pose a health hazard for the family ranging from an irritated respiratory system to a serious allergic reaction.

  • The musty smell produced by a mold HVAC filter is also unpleasant and may take awhile to completely eradicate from inside the home. If you discover that you have a moldy air filter, it’s important to have the cause investigated further. An InterNACHI inspector or HVAC technician can help determine the problem so that it doesn’t recur.

Clear Out Your Gutters:

Make sure to check for clogs and remove debris from rain gutters and downspouts. Be sure to fix any damage that occurred from the previous harsh winter months to eliminate the possibility of further damage. While clearing out your gutters, this would be the perfect time to also survey the roof for missing shingles or other types of damage.

Inspect Roof & Chimney:
  • Check eaves around the roof, chimneys, caps and etc. Be sure to remove any flying insects nest and fix any damaged areas from the winter months to the chimney. You should also consider, having the entire structure professionally inspected and cleaned during the summer.
  • Clear out any firewood outside or inside the home; as there a chance that’s something might be nesting under it; make sure to use protective gloves.

Outdoor Decks:
  • Take the time to inspect your decks, steps and other wooden structures for wood rot and other damage.
    Be sure to make repairs soon as possible to avoid further complications.
  • While performing this tasks, you should also take a moment to examine the wood around doors and windows for rot and soft areas that could lead to major problems if not fixed early on.

Leak Detection:

Take a moment to check for any leaks or damage to hoses or faucets left over from
the winter.

Replace System Necessities:

Take time to replace your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors regularly with new batteries. While doing so, this is a great opportunity to check your fire extinguishers to see if they need to be recharged. Be sure to examine and replace batteries for various systems in the home.

Get Started With Your Summer Home Maintenance Routine

Homeowners can avoid major problems in the future by addressing tiny issues as they
occur before they become more complexed issues in the future.

Don’t forget to always a have home inspection if you are planning to sell or buy a home.
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